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Pocket Dice is the first realistic BTC dice game.


Pocket Dice was first released on July 21, 2014, with the start of BitcoinTalk thread.[1]

Original design

One of the main original and unique features of this game is a realistic design with lifelike dice. PocketDice abandoned the usual concept of bitcoin dice games and stripped it down to the comprehensive level of a real life dice.


The idea of realistic design made the initial rules easier as well. User just have to choose his bet, over or under the one of the numbers a person can get by throwing two dice, then choose his bet amount and throw the dice.

Provably fair

PocketDice is Provably Fair.[2] It means that there is no way the site can cheat you by picking numbers to make you lose.

To achieve Provably Fair Gaming we utilize strong cryptographic algorithms such as SHA256, Mersenne Twister and Fisher-Yates shuffle. These algorithms ensure that the game cannot be tampered with.

Instant deposit\withdrawal

Only one confirmation of transaction is needed to withdraw your winnings. Deposits are completely instant.

Optimized mobile app

Neat looking, optimized mobile html version of these dice is making them pocket-sized indeed. You can play it on the go using your phone or tablet.

Free faucet

You will never run out of Bitcoins at PocketDice with their Free Bitcoin Faucet. PocketDice offers 1000 free Satoshi whenever your balance gets lower than minimum bet amount.[3]

Referral program

You can earn BTC by referring people to the site with your own referral link. 0.1% of every bet made with deposited coins by your referrals gets added to your balance. Whether they win or lose the bet, you still earn money.[4]

Sig campaign

PocketDice used to run a Sig Campaign on BitcoinTalk forum.[5] Unlike other Sig Campaigns, this one is almost automatic. All you needed to do is register a PocketDice account and go to SigCampaign page. You'd be taken from there and all your stats will be counted automatically, so you could track your progress.

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