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LotitBit - Innovative approach to the lottery organization based on a peer system of electronic cash.

  • Honesty and transparency of the game rules.
  • Control over your rates.
  • Every new rate starts the process of generating the «NEW LotitBit Number» and plays all the previously purchased tickets! It allows to play your tickets and to increase your winning chances.
  • Every new rate allows all your purchased tickets to play a jackpot as well.
  • Free version of the game LotItBit! FREE LotitBit The opportunity to win free Bitcoins or free Litecoins without risk!
The implementation of ideas of cryptocurrencies and the appearance of bitcoin in particular show the aggressive interest to this new technology. The main motive of the subject, collecting popularity in a first decade of a new century, is a possibility for all netizens to get a reliable tool for a cash exchange, free of any control and rather safe as well.
You may consider it to be a game, an instrument for jobbery or a pay system for a shadow economy - whatever you think about it - you will never remain indifferent to it. As a respond to the increasing amount of followers of a new technology many governments have to make their declarations, unable to ignore the innovation. The scatter of points in different countries is questioning the future of cryptocurrency, at least the aspect of its expansion and using as an alternative to the national currency.
Today you can be confident, that the technology has survived into the future, showing its ability as a material assets carrier aid with a number of significant advantages over traditional methods of a banking system. The familiar system marks the start of a distinct new phase in its development. The currencies are overgrown with different services and possibilities, especially when it comes to the most popular bitcoin with the maximum market capitalization. The algorithm is based on the principals, which provide new possibilities in a search of a wide range of applications.
One of the most rapidly developing spheres is gambling. Let’s try to analyze – why. It seems clear that gambling is rather marginal considering the contributions to the organizers and the State for the license in addition to the tax payments and hidden costs borne by the players during the exchange transactions and operations on the cash withdrawal. That's unfortunate because on the average in the ordinary lottery the drawing accounts for about 50% of a bank! Imagine – half of a lottery ticket prize is transferred into different deductions – not the game bank! What’s the proposal of internet games with interest rates and winnings under the cryptocurrency system? All rates and payments are processed in electronic form using bitcoin (a barter transaction in reality) – which in turn can reduce costs and benefit all participants.
Besides the cryptocurrency system is based on employing a cryptographic algorithm of a unique automatic generation of sequences - that is a random number generation – the number one reason for game organizers stress. The LotitBit system is a fine example of a completely new development in a game world – crypto lottery with a wide range of unique key features:


As it was mentioned previously the principles of the LotitBit lottery are based on the safety and freedom of the transfers. Only the address from which your rate was delivered is used for selling the tickets and transferring winnings. So you may not worry for the personal data (your credit card number or payment account password). Its not all.
We are discussing the problem of a real random number generation. In fact specially created and many times tested machines are used for the lottery drawing. They eject the winning numbers one after another, for instance 5 from 36. However there are some cases of machination on record even with such multilevel control. The LotitBit system isn’t rigged essentially.
All random numbers are generated and checked by cryptocurrency network and are saved, available for everyone to view. The substitution of even one number (which is quite impossible) leads to the failure of the whole free payment system. For comparison: who cares about the color of the shoes – if the world stops existing.


Many of those who won a big sum of money (a prize in a lottery, for example) wish to stay anonymous. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are created to help users preserve their incognito.
LotitBit allows you to remain absolutely anonymous. The site doesn’t need your registration, your name and even nick. Your prize will be transferred automatically by the LotitBit system to the address from which your rate was delivered.


Imagine that several lottery tickets played immediately after the drawing, showing you the potential prize. Moreover if the combination matches the winning one or the jackpot – the lottery completes and your ticket turns into the real money! :Attractive, isn’t it?
And what if the tickets show the result, that doesn’t satisfy you?

Do not rush to throw them away! One more rate and the drawing brings you a jackpot! Exactly! All tickets drawing goes on with every new rate and every new ticket until the winner will be determined!

As a result:

  • The winning probability is higher than in any classic lottery!
  • Total control over the rates.
  • Every purchased ticket plays in a jackpot drawing many times, namely - new drawing occurs after every new rate. The earlier you buy a ticket – the higher is a possibility for you to win in a drawing and get a jackpot.
  • A distinguishing feature - the unique opportunity for every player to affect the result.

Good luck for everyone! Don’t loose your chance and join the new movement towards the safe and free world – the world of bitcoin!