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DukcDice is an online cryptocurrency dice game. It is a chance game built around crypto-money. In dice game player placing bets against a randomly (pseudorandomly) generated number. It is similar to guessing numbers in lottery, but with a way higher probability of winning. Featuring exquisite design and flawless performance DuckDice offers outstanding gaming experience where reliability is treated as the highest priority.


  • Provably fair – player can verify each bet to be manipulation free;
  • Verified Bankroll – wallet address and a signed message are available for bankroll verification.
  • Built-in chat – all game members can communicate with each other and support in chat box. DuckDice has a modern and user-friendly Chat that support many features such as: status messages, avatars, likes, full stack of emojis, edit, remove, tip; etc.
  • Messenger – for direct messages there is a built-in messenger. Works just like modern messaging applications, with all emojis, notifications, contact list and other features. So far this feature is unique among Dice games.
  • Modern design – light and intuitive user interface featuring dark and light themes for a comfort game;
  • Faucet – in order to test the game any user can claim free coins in progressive Faucet.
  • Rainbot – CloudyBot sends free coins to chat members every few hours;
  • Tip – allows transactions free transfers inside of the game;
  • No software required – the game is available in any browser both on mobile and desktop;
  • Trustworthiness – all payouts are automated and secured;
  • Automatic betting;
  • Promotions – there are different bonuses available, including signup bonus, chat games, contests, youtube videos tipping, retweet tipping;
  • Instant deposits – instant deposits are available for deposits below 0.01 BTC.

Provably Fair

DuckDice uses a provably fair cryptographic system which means player don’t have to trust blindly, each roll is cryptographically fair and can be verified to be manipulation free. In order to allow players to verify their bets, a pair of Server Seed and Client Seed is used to calculate a roll number.


A process of creating a new pair of Server Seed and Client Seed is called randomization. It's possible to make randomization anytime. Knowing Server Seed, Client Seed and Nonce it's possible to calculate bet result. To prevent a player from result prediction, Server Seed is hidden, and a SHA-256 hash of the seed is shown instead. After next randomization, previous Server Seed is revealed and a player is able to verify the bet. Also, players can make sure that Server Seed wasn't changed by comparing their hashes before and after randomization.

Affiliate Program

Player may invite friends via personal referral link and receive 15% of the House Edge for every bet made by their referrals. This commission will be automatically added to players balance.


There are many different promotions that are taking place on DuckDice Check forum thread for regular announcements of new promotions!


DuckDice offers prompt and friendly customer support.

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