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Crypto-currency gambling is a new trend in the virtual community and it is developing very rapidly. DiceCoin is an online game based on Bitcoins, one of the most popular and reliable crypto-currencies. At DiceCoin anyone can be a winner.


The rules are very simple. The gamer should deposit Bitcoins to a personal account, make a bet and roll the dice. The system will generate a lucky number between 0 and 65535. If this number is lower than the specified target number, the gamer wins. The amount of the reward is calculated by the game multiplier times the betted amount. DiceCoin prioritises transparency and fairness. In order to ensure security, the reward withdrawal requires a certain number of confirmations:

  • 1 confirmation for < 0.001 BTC
  • 2 confirmation for 0.001 — 0.1 BTC
  • 3 confirmation for > 0.1 BTC

The Lucky Number

Each bet is verified using the day's secret and the last deposit's TXID. The lucky number is generated by an algorithm. A nonce, which is increased by 1 on every bet, is added to produce a string of numbers. The nonce is reset to 0 on every deposit. The lucky number is computed by the first 4 hex digits of hmac_sha512(secret, lastdeposittxid:nonce). The secret is released at the end of the day and it changes on a daily basis.