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Website is a gambling platform where users can earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through playing provably fair games.

Cryptogames is a Provably Fair online casino. This means that you can make sure all the combinations to be random at any time. All the combinations are generated with Mersenne Twister pseudo-random number generator. Faucet and Virtual Money

Cryptogames provides all players with the possibility to practice with virtual money before starting to bet on real ones. Apart from play money, the platform provides faucets each 5 minutes on one account or IP-address. After clicking the Faucet button and solving a simple captcha, the account balance will be updated with 0.00005 BTC, 0.005 LTC or 5 DOGE right away.

Registration does not require registration — users can start playing after entering the website. Thereby, each new games gets a unique username that is generated and saved in the Internet browser cookies.


Currently, the platform consists of 3 games performed in a modern flat design:

  • Minesweeper
  • Dice
  • 777 Slots
  • Wheel of Fortune



The Game is about a minefield passing. The Game Difficulty and Winning Probability is set by a field size. A minefield passing consists of several steps equitable to a quantity of the field columns. In each column could be only one mine. After every successful step, your win amount will be equal to the sum of Bet amount multiplied by Payout coefficient of the current step. The Player reserves the right to take the winning amount or to continue minefield sweeping. In case of undermining you lose all the winning amount.


You should guess the random number. Specify Bet Amount and a Win Chance and start the game by clicking Roll Low or Roll High. A random number will be generated from 00.00 to 99.99. If it is less than the Threshold (in the case when Roll Low is chosen) or more than Threshold (in the case when Roll High is chosen) then you win. The win amount is a sum of Bet Amount multiplied by a Payout coefficient.

777 Slots

After entering the bet amount to the corresponding field at the bottom of the machine, a user is ready to hit the spin and get an instant result. Auto-spin is also available in Cryptogames slots and allows playing the machine as many times as wanted while the balance is enough.

Every spin is random and independent of all past spins. It means that sequence of symbols in each reel is calculated every other time with no influence of previous or next reels. As soon as the winning combination is shown on the pay line, a user earns cryptocurrency. The payout is determined by the winning combination multiplied by the bet amount.

Winning combinations are sorted by the payout multiplier and are the following:

  • 7,7,7 — x 1000
  • Diamond, Diamond, Diamond — x 500
  • Coin, Coin, Coin — x 100
  • 3Bar, 3Bar, 3Bar — x 50
  • 2Bar, 2Bar, 2Bar — x 20
  • Bar, Bar, Bar — x 10
  • Any 2 Coins — x 5
  • Any Bar, Any Bar, Any Bar — x 2
  • Any Coin — x1

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune contains 3 games in one. Users can choose from Steampunk, Cyber or Festival wheels. They differ not only by design, but also have various payout multipliers: .2-3 for the Steampunk Wheel; .7-2 for the Cyber Wheel, and .1-3 for the Festival Wheel.

To start playing, a user should make a bet and spin the wheel. Each time a wheel stops to spin, initial bet multiplies.

  • Expected return for Steampunk Wheel is 95.29%;
  • Expected return for Cyber Wheel is 98.23%;
  • Expected return for Festival Wheel is 97.05%.

Affiliate Program provides a special affiliate program that allows users to receive the commission for winning bets of their referred users.

The associate program introduced by Cryptogames works according to a pay-per-win principle. Thus, a user gets paid for each winning bet of players referred by them. The default referral commission is 10% of House Edge, but Cryptogames claim to be open for custom conditions for websites, blogs and business owners who can get higher commissions after individual agreements.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Instant deposits can be made with three most popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. A user gets a unique wallet address for deposits, which are processed with 0 confirmations, creating all conditions for a quick start. Withdrawal amount should be not less than 0.001 BTC (0.1 LTC, 1000 DOGE).


Cryptogames is a Provably Fair online casino. This means that you can make sure all the combinations to be random at any time. All the combinations are generated with Mersenne Twister pseudorandom number generator.


Cryptogames provides all Players with the possibility to receive funds on their account balance for free. In order to perform this action you need to click Faucet button and solve Captcha. Your account balance will be updated with 0.00001 BTC (0.001 LTC or 10 DOGE) right away. This amount is absolutely free of charge and can not be refunded. You can use Faucet option once in 5 minutes on one account or IP-address.

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