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Blockr logo.png block explorer parses the Bitcoin blockchain and outputs the stored database into a human-readable format. The website presents the data to users in a "friendly and intuitive way." You can use bookmarks to quickly access your own addresses and you can see their balances. You can see interesting facts about the coin blockchain through trivia sections and through graphs.

Blockchain Explorer

Web Interface provides a blockchain explorer of coins to a human-readable form and presents them to users in a friendly and intuitive way. API access is also available for automatic scripts. was evolving for 6 months in private beta without interruptions, and it can parse and present data as blocks, transactions and addresses from almost any digital currency running on Bitcoin fork.


API's are here to help developers access our internal database. We made API's to access coin data, block, transaction and address information, unspent tx and much more. APIs are free to use as long as you don't flood the system.


Bitcoin TESTNET on has added support for Bitcoin TESTNET.

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