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Blockonomics is a payment processing system for merchants accepting bitcoin. It also allows for wallet monitoring and email notifications for anyone holding a Bitcoin public wallet (xpub wallet). With Blockonomics plugins or payment buttons, online merchants can accept bitcoins as payment for any item as easily as they’d accept other methods of payment.


Merchants have the option of creating a payment button on their webpage next to items for sale or using a checkout invoice. Similar to accepting a credit card or PayPal payment, merchants can set up the Blockonomics plugins for WordPress, Prestashop, and other merchant sites to generate invoices for customers using a shopping cart on their site.


Merchants pay a flat fee of 1% of the value of the sale of any items using Blockonomics to accept payments. Payments are sent instantly to your wallet.

Address/Wallet Watcher

Wallet Watcher is a free tool offered on the Blockonomics site. Users can add public bitcoin  addresses and also label them using tags. Dashboard shows a quick overview of balances classified by each tag. Balances are shown in BTC as well as the fiat currency of users' choice. Address watcher supports monitoring an HD wallet using its extended public key. Account discovery follows BIP 32 guidelines.

Transaction History

Graph of balance is shown for various time periods. History of transactions involved is shown along with the graph. Pending transactions tab shows transactions happening on user addresses that are unconfirmed or partially confirmed (one confirmation).


Users can subscribe to email notifications, showing a summary of transactions that happened in the last block. Email is sent only after 2 confirmations.


The service was first launched as address/wallet watcher in Dec, 2014[1]. Search feature was launched in 2015[2].

Merchants support was officially announced on Oct 17, 2016[3].

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