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The service described on this page is long dead and defunct.

A bitcoin based service to write messages into the bitcoin Block_chain. Each message is embedded into the bitcoin block chain using a Transaction, providing the following properties:

  • Message is kept inside the block-chain and it is therefore available forever.
  • The message is copied to each existing bitcoin client in the world (currently order of 10^5 copies).
  • A cryptographically signed timestamp as part of a bitcoin block serves as a proof that a message was written before that timestamp.
  • Keeping the change left after message payment (the wallet private key) can be used as a proof for a message creation.

The protocol is open [1] [2], and open source tools for working with the protocol are available [3] [4]. Reading such bitcoin messages can be done online [5] with the help of a Block_chain_browser, or offline [6] using a local copy of the block chain. Total anonymity is possible both for message readers and message writers, when the Anonymity guidelines are kept.

For writing a new message, the client creates an email request and gives instructions for a specific bitcoin payment transactions (address and fee). When the server gets the payment, it checks for the email request and processes the message. The server is a special customised bitcoin setup behind Tor.

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