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Biteasy logo.png officially launched in November 2013 and it's mission is to provide bitcoin related services through a simple and fast web interface and it's APIs.

Blockchain Explorer

Web Interface provides a blockchain explorer which can be used to view information about bitcoin blocks, transactions and addresses that exist on the bitcoin network. It's usage is extremely simple and it's achieved through the clean interface which the website provides. In addition, a unified search is provided in order a user to easily find what he is looking for.


As of December 10th 2013, has added testnet support to it's Blockexplorer, which now gives you the ability to easily switch between that and mainnet as well.


Except the web interface, developers can access the blockexplorer data (for both Mainnet and testnet) through the REST API. The API is free to use, but in order to ensure the quality of the service, a global limit has been set. There is also the option to lift that limit through the use API keys which the developer can acquire by contacting first.

Websockets API

The Biteasy Websockets API provides you a powerful and simple way to retrieve data from the bitcoin network in a live manner. In this way, you can create powerful applications that will be able to immediately show any information (such as balance updates and much more) that interest it’s user. The Websockets API supports both Mainnet and Testnet and it's free to use.

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