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List of websites that offer Bitcoin Lottery

  • FreeBitBox Classic free bitcoin lottery where you can play with registration, with progressive jackpot and several small prizes for every round. You can buy as many tickets as you want!
  • pevpot A provably fair bitcoin lottery that draws every 1000 blocks (~7 days), with a return-to-player of over 100% (thanks to draw sponsors).

CryptoGames favicon.png Crypto-Games Public random numbers draws twice per week. Buy as many tickets as you want! Three winners and 98.5% returned to the players!

  • SatoshiLottery Daily BTC lottery with progressive prizes and Blockchain-based provably fair system
  • Better-than-Provably fair, Zero-Trust Bitcoin lottery based on public random numbers draws every 5 minutes, play without registration, 3 hits gets 100 btc, 2 hits gets 10 btc and 1 hit gets 4 btc, also faucet at 2000 satoshis. Jackpots at 160 BTC
  • Provably fair Bitcoin lottery where you can play with or without registration, with progressive jackpots, pools where players can join tickets to have bigger chance of winning and investments. Jackpots at 109 BTC (2014-06-25)