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BitcoinAverage is a service providing the "BitcoinAverage Price Index", a weighted average Bitcoin price across all reachable Bitcoin exchanges around the world. Currently over 40 exchanges are integrated, feeding nearly all available Bitcoin trading volume data.The BitcoinAverage Price Index is offered in over 150 currencies.

Apart from BitcoinAverage Price Index the local market's weighted average prices are also available at Markets page. Also price history data is available in CSV format.

All website data is available via JSON API

The site was launched in August 2013 and is the first composite Bitcoin Price Index created. Data feed from BitcoinAverage is used by multiple well recognized end user facing services like Lamassu ATM, Bitcoin Wallet or LocalBitcoins. A list of more services using BitcoinAverage is available at the FAQ. Website and calculations engine sources are released under open CC-BY-NC-SA license and available for review.

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