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 BitcoinTalk  Twitter is one of the oldest and most established bitcoin casino and sportsbook sites, originally starting in 2013 as After over a million lifetime games as of March 2015, the team built the first Peer to Peer, Zero-House-Edge Game BitcoinRush and relaunched their gaming platform as was the first Provably Fair Bitcoin Casino which also offered users a fully operational Bitcoin Sportsbook. Originally funded on Havelock Investments, acquired both and in February of 2014.

History was founded in early 2013 (as by a team of crypto enthusiasts with the goal of creating a premier destination for bitcoin gambling, sports betting, and casino gaming. In order to raise initial bankroll and development funding for the site, funds were raised on the Havelock Investments platform in September 2013. has traded at a market cap as high as 17,500 bitcoin during the fall of 2013.

By offering best-in-class odds, loading speed, provably-fair offerings, and mobile functionality, is designed to appeal to the BTC gambler looking for the most fun and reliable experience on the market.

With analysts estimating the bitcoin gambling space to surpass 2 billion in annual gambling handle/turnover by 2016, is poised to be at the top of it’s game as bitcoin and crypto currency gambling grows beyond 1% of global iGaming market share by 2017.

Software's software was developed internally by a small team of engineers and UX designers focussed on creating an intuitive and engaging gaming experience in the emerging Bitcoin sector. Backend technologies include PHP, MySQL, and nodeJS and the entire front end site was redesigned in early 2015 to be 100% responsive so that users can play on both their desktop and smartphones without losing any gaming quality.


All games on are provably-fair, HTML5 and leverage a responsive design.


The object of the game is to reach a higher card total than the dealer without going over 21, or "Bust".'s blackjack is the best in the industry and leverages the following rules:

  • Blackjack pays 3:2
  • Dealer Stays on all 17's
  • Double on any 2 cards
  • Double after Split is allowed
  • Can hit aces after a split
  • Split up to 2 hands
  • 6 decks, reshuffled every hand


Bet on any individual number, color, or section of the betting board. If the board matches your number or color, you win! Huge payouts of 35:1 offered at Bitcoin roulette is a classic favorite.

Video Poker

Traditional bitcoin “Jacks or Better” offering payouts up to 250x your bet with a Royal Flush! Jacks or better video poker starts out with a newly shuffled deck. You are dealt 5 cards face up. Simply keep the cards you like clicking the card. Then click the" draw" button and new cards will replace the discarded ones. At this point, your hand will be credited accordingly!


Basic gameplay involves both the player and banker being dealt two cards in turn. The goal is to reach a higher total closest to 9 - and players can bet on either the "Player", "Banker", or a tie between two. Bitcoin baccarat is a favorite amongst Asian players. Win up to 9x your bet with a “tie” bet!


In Hi-Lo, you are predicting whether the next card will be higher or lower than the current one shown. Continue playing until you correctly guess all 12 cards, or “Cash Out" at any time! draws 12 cards randomly from 1 provably fair shuffled deck of cards and place them all face-down. As you guess correctly, your balance increases, but if you guess incorrectly the game is over. Continue playing until you correctly guess all 12 cards or if you are content to collect your winnings by selecting "Cash Out". Aces are lowest and Kings are the Highest.

Social Media can always be reached at support [at], or via a wide array of online presence. Users should keep an eye on the promotions thread and Twitter/Google+ accounts +EV opportunities

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Promotions and Contests is the first, and to date only, Provably Fair Bitcoin Casino that offers players automated kickbacks/comps based on play (not win or losses) daily. More details on this unique program are located in the Promotionsl section of also runs a variety of free promotional contests that pit users against one another including an NFL Survivor Pool, Super Bowl Squares, and various March Madness contests.