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bitcoinnotify out of service

Note that bitcoinnotify is not in business anymore since it has been sold in December 2011. But there are some good alternatives available which offer similar services:

  • free notification service (0-10 confirmations), including http callbacks, rss/atom feeds and full API access.
  • BitPing.Net is a free notify service for 0-6confirmations, source code avaliable.
  • Offers a free 0 confirmation service
  • offers SMS (at a price) and a free service for other methods (Number of confirmations supported?)
  • offers free email notfications of transactions on upto 50 addresses (2 confirmations)
  • App for Android is a free notify service for Android.
  • free email notifications, easy setup, watch-only address

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Contrary to most payment solutions, BitcoinNotify does not act as a payment proxy and does not store or forward any Bitcoins. Instead it monitors the Bitcoin network in search for payments on predefined Bitcoin addresses.

Payments go directly from a customer to the merchant's private wallet. Merchant's wallet can be kept offline. This is supposed to shield merchants from common risks associated with the classic approach.

BitcoinNotify also delivers HTTP notifications about Bitcoin exchange rates. This allows a store to update its prices instantly as the market moves.

How it works

  • BitcoinNotify POSTs the purchase information to the store's URL.
    • Store finds order by receiving address and marks it as completed.
  • Optionally, BitcoinNotify POSTs Bitcoin exchange rate updates to the store's URL.

Integration Details

  • Merchant pre-generates a number of Bitcoin addresses by copy-pasting them from Bitcoin Client to a text file.
  • Merchant uploads his addresses to his store. The store software is expected to assign a unique address to each order. Once order is completed, address can be released to the pool. Thus, merchant needs as many Bitcoin addresses as simultanously open orders.
  • Merchant subscribes to payment notifications on BitcoinNotify.


This service was announced on August 6, 2011[1]. Ownership for the service changed hands in November, 2011 and the service's went offline shortly several weeks later[2]. As-of December 16, 2011 it is unknown if the service will resume.

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  2. BitcoinNotify SOLD to the CoinExchanger