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Introduced on the web in April 2011, Bitcoin Gamer offers the following games:

  • JacksUp - "Jacks or Better" video poker with up to a 1000:1 return (94.3% payout).
  • Mingus' Jupiter Poker - Flip 3 cards to make poker hands. Winnings are progressive after each card (95.1% payout).
  • Keno - Play the classic Lottery/Casino game (over 94% payouts for most plays).
  • coin toss (96% payout).
  • roulette (94.7% payout).
  • DGBells Penny Slot Machine (94.1% payout).
  • Dart Board (91.7% payout).
  • Video Badugi - Plays like video poker but you have multiple draws to create the lowest "rainbow" hand possible. (over 94% payout).
  • Red Dog Poker - Play a game of in between.
  • Deuces Wild - Video poker - 5 card draw with deuces WiLd (99%+ payout).
  • Baccarat - Fee like a secret agent playing this classic casino game.

Deposits and wagers as small as 0.001 BTC.

Registration is not required, you will receive a new address to get the Bitcoins for each game you play. You can continue playing until you wish to cash-out. Your balance will be returned immediately (or after your wager has been confirmed once for cash-outs 1.00BTC and larger).

A 2% referral bonus of the net loss may be paid to any address. Refer your friends for a piece of the action or donate to your favourite Bitcoin charity.

Free-play is also available for those who want to try the games out without risking any of your coinage.

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