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Jump to: navigation, search is a "provably fair lottery site based on the Bitcoin Blockchain" is the first and only 100% online lottery system, which exclusively uses the new digital currency Bitcoin and relies on an innovative gaming platform that utilizes independent cryptographic algorithms to obtain the winning numbers.

The particularity of these algorithms is the use of the new Bitcoin Blockchain and the use of a third party (Twitter) to mathematically generate the winning numbers. This makes the system 100% cheat proof featuring the provably fair technology and ensures that it can be verified by anyone at any time.

Number Generation

The random numbers for the draw are generated through a complex but extremely secure and fair process. They are generated with two different calculations: each draw has a pre-assigned random key that is kept secret until the block is confirmed. This key is only known by the site operators. All the hashes of the Draw Secret Tokens are available at GitHub[1]. You can use these hashes in order to validate that the token that was used was the correct one after the play has finished.

The first step is to make an HMAC SHA-512 HASH of the hash of the block and the secret key, which gives the first hash. Since the site operator knows the secret key, it is possible for the operator to alter the numbers to his advantage, so a third party generates an ID impossible to know for the site operator until the play is out. This third party is Twitter. Therefore, when a block is received, there is a tweet announcing that the block has been received. That tweet generates a tweet ID which you can see in this chart, the tweet ID is used as the key for making a new HMAC SHA-512 HASH of the first hash which finally, gets the last hash. Once we get that last hash, it is converted to decimal numbers and the winning numbers are taken.


The odds of becoming winners at are:[2]

o 4 Matches Odds : 1 in 3,921,225

o 3 Matches Odds : 1 in 10,211

o 2 Matches Odds : 1 in 143

o 1 Matches Odds : 1 in 6.86

Gameplay (How to Play)

Playing is very simple. The minimum bet is 0.01 BTC, this equals one ticket. All you have to do is send any amount in multiples of 0.01 BTC to the address listed on the site.

If the amount sent is enough for one play, but not for a second (for example, 0.015 BTC), the difference will be refunded automatically (0.005 BTC).

There are no game limits and every draw is completely anonymous: no need to download software, register or sign up anywhere.

Picking the Numbers to Play

The numbers may be selected by the user or randomly generated by the system. To choose the numbers, you have to send the numbers you want to select (from 00 to 99, in any order), written as decimals in the transaction. For example, if you want to play 10, 20, 40 and 50, send 0.10204050 BTC.

As soon as your transaction is confirmed in a block, you will be refunded the difference between the price of the ticket and the amount sent. In the above example, if 0.10204050 BTC are sent, 0.00204050 BTC will be refunded, which is equivalent to the amount sent minus the cost of the ticket.

More Detail

BitMillions is described in-depth on the "FAQ" page.

Affiliate Program

April 01, 2013: Launches New Affiliate Program

Description & Conditions:

  • Affiliates will earn 20% of house fees for life (all tickets played on the affiliate exclusive betting address).
  • Our affiliate program uses a 60 days cookie. Meaning that if someone clicks through one of your ads but does not play, he/she can return up to 60 days later to make a commission-eligible play.
  • Affiliate earnings will be paid btw 1 and 5 blocks, expect real time winnings!
  • Banners in different sizes will be provided, if you have a high traffic site, we can customize the size for you.
  • Earning are sent without deducting any transaction fee!
  • Affiliates agree not to market via spam or any other black technique, otherwise their account will be canceled.

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