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BitHit is an online casino that implements bitcoin for fast, secure payments and with insesizable fees.

This casino represents a traditional online gaming software, with a random number generator and provably fair system, using a transparent algorithm which users can verify themselves.


The algorithm is explained as follows:

In the beginning it starts with 3 variables that will ultimately generate the reels positions:

Daily secret — a secret hash (sha256) which is generated by the server daily and released the next day. Client seed — a string you can write yourself on the Profile page in order to randomize further the results — You can use anything you want here! Bet Counter — each bet you make is counted and the number of your bet is used (this starts from 0 and increases indepently to other players).

Today's daily secret will be released tomorrow to prevent fraud, but a hash of it is released right away, so you can verify that it hasn't been changed in the meantime.

Cashing out

Users do not have to wait in order to play, it's instant! The payment is received and the balance updated in a matter of seconds! The only limitation is that after you deposit, if you want to immediately withdraw your funds you'll have to wait around 60 minutes for the transaction to fully confirm.

House Edge

The house edge is only 1%. This is the lowest of any reputable gambling experience.

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