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Favicon b4c.jpg is a bitcoin gift voucher service. It works similar to other gift cards: After purchasing bit4coin vouchers, customers can redeem them for bitcoins online at Vouchers are size and shape of credit cards.
bit4coin gift vouchers are a great way for bitcoin beginners to buy their first bitcoins, as bit4coin takes customers through all steps of the process and provides a concise introduction on bitcoin.
In addition, bit4coin is the perfect way to give bitcoin as a gift to friends, families and business partners: The product, a gift voucher, is instantly familiar even to someone who has never heard of bitcoin, and the value is apparent as it is printed on the voucher in Euros. Also, it lets new users discover bitcoin at their own pace, and bit4coin explains all steps along the way.

bit4coin's voucher and page design


Currently, bit4coin offers vouchers (gift cards) in (any) denominations between €25 and €500. Vouchers can be bought for euros, and redeemed against bitcoins. The bitcoin exchange rate is fixed at time of redemption.


Purchasing is similar to the experience in an ecommerce-shop: Customers select the number of vouchers they want to purchase, and enter their shipping address. bit4coin then displays a confirmation message with the payment instructions (also sent by email). After payment has been received, bit4coin will ship the order by postal mail to customers' addresses.

Payment options

Customers can pay using these options:

  • Online Bank Transfer (Only available for customers with enabled online banking)
  • SEPA-transfer in Europe

Voucher Redemption

Voucher redemption is simple: Customers head to and click "Redeem voucher". On the redemption page, they enter their email address (for confirmations), enter the hidden redemption code from the scratch-off field from the back of the voucher, and their bitcoin wallet address. If customers do not yet possess a wallet, bit4coin assists them to find a third-party wallet provider.

Fees and rates

bit4coin charges fees for shipping and handling, as well as for an exchange rate fee. Overall, fees are competitive to other services.


  • 256 bit SSL encryption
  • Regular server backups
  • Bitcoin transfers physically separated from online system
  • Trusted relationships with banking institutions in the Netherlands

About bit4coin

bit4coin BV is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Founded in 2013, the team brings a lot of experience: Both co-founders have 8+ years experience in banking, management consulting, finance, and IT. bit4coin is official Silver Member of the Bitcoin Foundation

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