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BETBIT is a provably fair bitcoin dice game with 0.1% house edge, multilevel referral program and bonuses that shock!

--- Fair check ---

Betbit offers a new way in checking game fairness. Game uses SHA512 encryption for generating hash. Our rolling number is generating by this function: “Rolling number” = “Server seed” + “Client seed”. If the result is bigger than 9.999.999, then “Rolling number” = (Server seed + Client Seed) - 9.999.999.

Here is the steps how to check game fairness.
1. Click on “Verify button” under Winner/Loser section.
2. You can find next game hash in popup window. Hash = ‘Server seed’ + ‘-’ + ‘Random symbols’ Copy and save it somewhere.
3. Setup your bet and Roll Hi or Lo. Client seed is generating randomly, but if you want you can change it anytime you want.
4. Go to Plays page. Find there the random symbols and server seed from your last play.
5. Google any sha512 decoder and encrypt ‘Server seed’ + “-” + “Random” symbols.

--- Demo version --- Before playing for money, Betbit offers to try luck in demo version. Demo version is active, if player is not signed up. Money in demo version can't be withdrawn. Demo version balance can be refilled by refreshing page.

--- Faucet --- After player logged in, he can claim some bitcoins to test game in "Faucet" pop up window, which is located in header menu. It gives 350 satoshis every 5 minutes once per account and once per IP.

-- Registration --- There is 2 ways to sign up at Betbit : Via social media account or custom sign up form. No email address is required for regsitration. Every player has unique "secret words", that can be used for password recovery.

--- Instructions and rules ---

Cool designed dice with simple rules. By setting up a payout player must guess in what range will the random number be rolled. A random number is generating in 0 to 10.000.000 diapason. Example: if the player specify x2 payout, he has to choose will number be rolled lower than 4.999.999 or higher than 5.000.000 . Game has easy in use autobet system.

--- Referral Program ---

Betbit has a multi level referral program. Referral earnings are paid by Betbit's house edge. Referrer gets 0.03% from his 1st level referral bettings, 0.02% from 2nd and 0.01% from third.

--- Deposits and Withdrawals ---

Deposits can be made with Bitcoin. A user gets a unique wallet address for deposits, which are processed with 0 confirmations, creating all conditions for a quick start. Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0002 BTC.

--- Bonuses ---

Registration bonus All new registred players will be granted with 1000 satoshis.

Deposit bonus Betbit has a unique bonus for depositing players. 1 referral will be added to player's tree, if he deposits 0.05btc. If there won't be any free referrals in game, bonus will be compensated with bitcoins.

Daily bonus Betbit gives generous bonus to returning players. 1st day bonus - 800 satoshis; 2nd day bonus - 1000 satoshis; 3rd day bonus - 1200 satoshis; 4rd day bonus - 1400 satoshis; 5th day bonus - 1600 satoshis; 6th day bonus - 1800 satoshis; 7th day bonus - 2200 satoshis So if player visits game 7 days in a row, he'll gain 10000 satoshis

Wagering bonus Betbit gives 5000 satoshis every time player wagers 0.05btc .

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