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An eWallet service and a shopping cart interface / payment processing service.

The service allows users to deposit bitcoins directly into their online account, store bitcoins, and pay others from the balance held in the online eWallet.

This service has multiple language translations, making it one of the few multilingual online wallets. Bitcoins are able to be added through a randomly generated Bitcoin address and can be sent to other WalletBit users by email address or withdrawn to a suitable Bitcoin Address. A fee is incurred on deposit.

Security is critical to WalletBit

WalletBit meets all security practices to ensure safety.

   WalletBit's software is developed using security best practices.
   WalletBit's network and servers are secure and monitored around the clock.

Network & Physical Security

   WalletBit's website and API are only accessible via 256-bit SSL certificates issued by StartCom Ltd.
   Only well-reviewed, standard cryptographic message formats and protocols (such as SSL and PGP) are used when transferring data.
   Sensitive data is encrypted when stored on disk or transmitted over public networks.

Customer Security

   Secure Card provides additional security above and beyond that of traditional passwords. Secure Card is required to spend and withdraw Bitcoins.
   All access to secure services and data is strictly logged, and audit logs are reviewed on a regular basis.


WalletBit will respond to all reasonable reports of potential security problems, usually within 24 hours. If you report a problem, we will:

   Acknowledge your report, analyze it and, if we deem it critical, reward you if you wish, for helping us
   Work with other Bitcoin services, if necessary, to ensure that other services are protected
   Do not disclose the issue publicly until we have had time to address it. We will try to act quickly, but some aspects of our system are complicated and may take time to patch and test.

The greatest benefit of an WalletBit account is the ability to make instant secure payments without exposing your personal information.


The service was shared with a forum post on the Bitcoin.org forum on July 24, 2011[1].


For about a week or ending March 7, 2012 the service had been responding with errors with no response from the site's operator[2]. Once the operator was contacted externally the problem was resolved quickly.

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