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Jump to: navigation, search is the first realtime exchange to allow traders to trade between bitcoin and physical gold with other members of the Exchange.


  • Bitcoin


  • Bitcoin
  • Physical Gold


  • Real time trading between physical gold and bitcoin
  • Trade a minimum of 5 cents worth of bitcoin or gold
  • Gold is Audited and insured
  • Bitcoin holdings are publicly audited and help in multi sig cold storage.
  • Gold is held in the customers name so if something was to happen to vaultoro clients have full ownership and writes to their gold.
  • No need to verify your identity unless you want to deposit more than $5000 worth of bitcoin per day.
  • 0.5% - 0.2% trading fees depending on traders 30 day volume.
  • All gold is Vaulted in professional bullion vaulting facility within Switzerland's duty free zone.


After a year of development the exchange was opened for the public in February 2015.

  • Vaultoro is the first realtime bitcoin gold exchange in the world.
  • Vaultoro uses a 100% transparent public audit both of bitcoin and gold holdings while keeping clients identities private.
  • Joshua Scigala, one of Vaultoro's co-founders lost money to the MtGox crash. This inspired him and his co-Founder Philip Scigala to develop an exchange that could be radically transparent.
  • In mid February 2015 Vaultoro secured a 100,000 Euro seed round of private funding.

Transparency and Auditing

  • All bitcoin and gold holdings can be audited publicly. The bitcoin are audited via that blockchain and the Gold is audited publicly and privately.
  • Vaultoro’s open auditing system works as follows.
  1. All clients receive an anonymous client ID
  2. All anonymous client ID’s and holdings are published and can be verified by everyone without knowing who anyone is.
  3. The client can see the sum of all bitcoin and gold holdings and compare that to vaultoro's gold auditing statements and vaultoro's warm and cold wallets
  4. The gold holdings are audited by BDO
  5. Clients can verify the insurance certificate

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