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The warning about icbit will stay up until the concerns regarding practices on the site are addressed.

Fireball, I am not spamming here, you are. You know very well the issues that have been raised about icbit. I have provided extensive descriptions of my experience on icbit. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=246845

If you want to return some of the bitcoin that were taken from me by icbit I will drop the matter.

As I've said before my guess is that you simply do not understand the importance of running a financial services site, especially a site marketing derivatives, in a way that is beyond ethical question. If you have questions about my complaint then ask them. You sent me an email and then you ignored my response. If you have any question please read through the complaint that I posted publicly and ask anything by email or on the post or here.

I think I am being quite reasonable in asking that 25% of what I lost on icbit be returned.

If you want to make an honest futures exchange and you settle the account with me for 25%, about 5btc, I will be happy to give you free suggestions to make an honest exchange.

https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=246845 — Preceding unsigned comment added by FleaSpirit (talkcontribs)