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=== '''Welcome''' ===
User: ysoliman
<br />
I am excited to help out with development of Bitcoin and am happy to help new users. Making regular edits to the Wiki is another one of my commitments. I am an avid user of new technology and discovered Bitcoin a few months ago while researching online currencies. Just remember to back up your ''wallet.dat'' file to prevent loss of your Bitcoins - unless you're using an online wallet.<br />
==== Have I helped? Please donate a few Bitcents to 1CCWbrxVHAZZjJFtqPZZ3QEAfa4B8z4CA4. Thanks. ====
<br />
* App Designer
* Web Developer
* Avid Bitcoin user
* Innovative designer
<br />
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! Personal Links
| [[Special:Contributions/Ysoliman|Wiki Contributions]]
[http://bitcoined.wordpress.com Bitcoined]
[http://ysoliman.eu Design Portfolio]
Contributors Award participant: 1CCWbrxVHAZZjJFtqPZZ3QEAfa4B8z4CA4

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