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While units in Bitcoin usually follow the Standard Metric Notation system, this page lists the most commonly-used units. These can be expressed in any number of ways, from using some form of the prefix to an abbreviation of both the prefix and adding Bitcoin. Bitcoin as a unit of account is sometimes written without capitalization, but since it is not a genericized term yet and refers to one specific type of crypto-currency, capitalization is left as an exercise for the reader.

Unit Abbreviation Decimal (BTC) Alternate names Info
Algorithmic Max - 20,999,999.9769[1] - Current Max Possible: 20999839.77085749[2]
megaBitcoin MBTC 1,000,000 - -
kiloBitcoin kBTC 1,000 - -
Original Block Reward - 50 - Until block 210000
Current Block Reward - 25 - As of Block 345747[3]
decaBitcoin daBTC 10 - -
Bitcoin BTC 1 coin one bitcoin
deciBitcoin dBTC 0.1 - one tenth of a Bitcoin
milliBitcoin mBTC 0.001 millibit, millicoin, and millie thousandth of a Bitcoin
microBitcoin μBTC 0.000001 bit millionth of a Bitcoin
Finney[4] - 0.0000001 Finney 10 millionth, 1e-7
Satoshi - 0.00000001 none 100 millionth, 1e-8, smallest possible unit

For more information about Tonal Bitcoin, including how to translate much of the above table into Tonal units, see its page here: Tonal Bitcoin (TBC).


  1. Wolfram Alpha Calculation
  2. Current actually possible must take into account duplicate coinbases, destroyed fees, and provably destroyed coin outputs including the unspendable Genesis block. Some of this can be derived from 'bitcoin-cli gettxoutsetinfo' and subtracting that value from the then-current theoretically-possible maximum. As of this writing, it is 160.20604251 of unspendable BTC.
  3. Next halving will occur at Block 420000.
  4. After Hal Finney, Bitcoin Pioneer