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*[[Mark Karpelès]] is arrested by Japanese authorities.
*[[Bitcoin Core]] 0.11.0 is released.
*[[Bitcoin Core]] 0.11.0 is released.
*The [[Wikipedia:2015_Chinese_stock_exchange_fall|Chinese stock market collapse]] and new government restrictions spark a significant rally on Chinese exchanges.
*A [[July 2015 flood attack|distributed flood attack]] fills blocks for several consecutive days.
*A [[July 2015 flood attack|distributed flood attack]] has been [[flood attack|filling blocks]] for several days straight.
*A [[July 2015 forks|series of chain forks]] surface.
*The [[Wikipedia:Greek government-debt crisis|Greek government-debt crisis]] draws attention to cryptocurrency.
''Ongoing:'' [[Blocksize debate]], [[July 2015 flood attack]]
''Ongoing:'' [[Blocksize debate]]

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Ongoing: Blocksize debate