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Stratum is a proposal for an open source client-server "Overlay" protocol that enables thin clients (currently used by Electrum client). Stratum protocol is also used for pooled mining as a replacement for obsolete getwork protocol. Full mining service specification is available on Slush's pool website. Other examples are available on BTC Guild's website. See also on the forums and the official site.

Tables showing miner/server support for Stratum mining protocol:

Server get transactions dynamic difficulty job frequency resume
Bitminter No Yes 30s No
Slush's pool No Yes 30s No
BtcGuild No Yes 30s No
Eloipool Yes Yes 55s No
HHTT No No (User selected difficulty) 30s No
50BTC No No (User selected difficulty) 5s No
Ozcoin No Yes or user selected 30s No