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The subreddit r/bitcoin is one of the largest bitcoin communities on the internet. As of September 2018 it has more than 900,000 subscribers.

Since around Late 2017 the moderators have stickied selected threads to the top of the forum. Generally threads which are cool and interesting and which might not have gotten many upvotes.

Note that sometimes threads are unstickied and then stickied again, so the date stickied cant be used to find the duration the thread was up. Archive links alongside are preferable as backups. This list may be incomplete.

Old stickied threads on r/bitcoin
Date Stickied Link Archive link Notes
2018-09-03 Scriptless Scripts: How Bitcoin Can Support Smart Contracts Without Smart Contracts
2018-08-24 MtGox Civil Rehabilitation claims now open. EVERYONE WHO CLAIMED IN THE PAST MUST CLAIM AGAIN.
2018-08-15 To everyone rushing back into BTC from altcoins: What matters is that you learn why Bitcoin needs to be conservative in its development.
2018-08-11 r/Bitcoin's main chatroom just passed 5000 members. Join us!
2018-08-02 I work for a professional crypto trading firm. Ask me (almost) anything!
2018-08-02 r/Bitcoin has been testing reddit's new chatroom functionality for the past few months. Most people joining didn't even realize they exist! Come say hello if you haven't already!
2018-07-31 The Long Road to Segwit - One Year On
2018-07-22 Taproot, and Schnorr, and SIGHASH_NOINPUT, oh my!
2018-07-25 It's over 900,000!!!!!! /r/Bitcoin passes 900k subscribers.
2018-07-25 AMA Venezuela (Hyperinflation/Economy/Crisis/Government Talk)
2018-07-20 Tankred Hase of Lightning Labs & Rene Pickhardt - "Lightning App" demo & protocol discussion
2018-07-10 Current State and The Future of Wallets - Jonas Schnelli [Building on Bitcoin 2018]
2018-07-08 Assets on Bitcoin (RBG Protocol) - Giacomo Zucco [Building on Bitcoin 2018]
2018-07-06 Bootstrapping LN: What have we learned? - Fabrice Drouin (ACINQ) [Building on Bitcoin 2018]
2018-07-05 On the State of Merchant Adoption - Sergej Kotliar ( [Building on Bitcoin 2018]
2018-07-04 Building on Bitcoin Conference Livestream - Day 2
2018-07-02 r/Bitcoin recap - June 2018
2018-06-26 Baltic Honeybadger 2018 Bitcoin conference, Sep 22-23
2018-06-23 Lightning network submarine swaps
2018-06-12 Paid 1 satoshi to paint 1 pixel == lightning is awesome!
2018-02-08 Electrum Personal Server - The best way to connect your hardware wallet to your full node
2017-12-22 Long live decentralized bitcoin(!) A reading list
2017-11-30 Don't invest recklessly