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A split-key vanity address is a type of vanity address generated from one or more ECDSA private keys. The security of such solution is guaranteed by the properties of the Elliptic Curve Cryptography [1].

Address generation

A split-key vanity address is generated by a specialised software, called a generator. One such sample generator is available as a part of the Vanitygen program suite.

Bitaddress can be used for this purpose as well as explained in this video

Address merging

In order to create a usable vanity address, one needs to merge two or more private keys. This can be done with specialised software, such as the GoBit Testing Suite[2]. Another option is using the Vanity Wallet tool of Bitaddress.

Address generation outsourcing

Generating a split-key vanity address can be outsourced to a third party miner without risking your final private key being compromised. Moreover, work on such address generation can be distributed to many miners simultaneously through a use of a pooling service. One example of such a service is Vanity Pool[3].

Another option for outsourcing your Vanity Address generation in this manner is Vante. This service generates your service on an on demand basis.

See also

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