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SpendBitcoins.com is a website which provides its users with information about where they can spend their bitcoins. Though the website is still live (as of mid-2020), it appears to have been all but abandoned; many, if not most, of the businesses that it references are defunct, and it includes many broken links.

Some alternative services which appear to be better-maintained include Spendabit, which also acts as a product search engine (for Bitcoin-enabled businesses), and Spending-Bitcoin.com.


The SpendBitcoins team claims to be completely dedicated to Bitcoin. They are "committed to bringing bitcoin to your daily life as well, by making bitcoin as easy and comfortable as slipping into a pair of old jeans" as said on their own website.

The project's goal is to allow anyone, anywhere, anytime to be able to buy and use bitcoins as easily as using cash, or even easier because of digital nature of Bitcoin, which cash does not possess.

In addition to gathering and systemizing info about services that accept Bitcoin, the SpendBitcoins also provides a one-click option of buying the coins and a "superb-quality" customer service.


Spend Bitcoins was started by Jeremy West in 2011 when he realized how difficult bitcoins were to buy in Australia. He gathered his dedicated companions to build Spend Bitcoins into the strong, stable and reliable service that it is now.

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