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  • to survive<ref>[ Plato's road trip]</ref> Private medical practice accepts Bitcoin]</ref>. It's a dentist in Finland.
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  • ...e has been some controversy in relation to the installation of Bitcoin ATM's in Ireland, which has been covered in the broadsheet media. A pub in Dublin ...ution's owned Bitvendo was due to place a Bitcoin ATM in a venue in Dublin's famous Temple Bar, but was refused an Irish bank account <ref name="Bitcoin
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  • ...|last=Matonis|first=Jon|title=Bitcoin Foundation launches to drive bitcoin's advancement|date=27 September 2012|url= ...nal members included [[Gavin Andresen]], [[Charlie Shrem]], [[Mark Karpelès]], [[Peter Vessenes]], [[Roger Ver]], and [[Patrick Murck]]. Current board
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  • * Marek Palatinus (Slush) and Michael Marsee (Eleuthria of BTCGuild) quickly downgraded their nodes to restore a ...the application under stressful conditions and then review the lock system's statistics to determine the maximum number of locks, lockers, and lock obje
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  • ...nt news, topical interviews, and studied analysis, Adam is joined by Let’s Talk Bitcoin co-hosts Stephanie Murphy and Andreas Antonopoulos. * 001: Welcome to Let's Talk Bitcoin [
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  • ...f all other currencies other than Bitcoin.<ref>{{cite news|last=Lee |first=Michael |url=
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  • ..., where last-generation chip efforts are said to cost $100 million or more|Michael Bedford Taylor, University of California| mining Bitcoins, and turning it around to have a working chip in people's hands.|Joseph Bonneau, Postdoctoral research associate, Princeton Universit
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  • ...Startup 21 Reveals Record Funds, Hints at Mass Consumer Play|author=Casey, Michael|work=Wall Street Journal|date=10 March 2015|accessdate=11 March 2015}}</ref ...<ref name="wsj"/> Co-founder [[Balaji Srinivasan]] stated that the startup's secrecy was "solely for pragmatic reasons – we didn’t have anything to
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