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  • An easy service allowing you to sell your digital goods in a fully automated mode, with no human interference.
  • Ideal for selling: software (registration codes), eBooks (passwords to encrypted eBooks), access codes to resume or dating sites and so on.
  • To use it you need to register (no private info required) and to use customizable "pay with buttons" buttons provider by the service.
  • No programming skills required, except for HTML copy-paste.


  • The Snowcron Bitcoin Engine is now available for download from
  • At the moment it can work with Bitcoin or PayPal (to receive PP payments, you need to have PP business account)
  • After you installed the Engine on your site, you can run an online store, or you can provide a service (of running an online store) to other people.

How It Works

  • User provides sufficient number of Bitcoin addresses. A number that is required depends on the expected sales volume.
  • User provides registration info for each product.
  • A customizable "Pay with Bitcoins" button (or a text link) is placed at user's web site. The Snowcron site has a button generator to make task easier.
  • When a customer clicks the "buy" button, he is asked to provide an e.mail address, and then receives a Bitcoin address (one from the list provided by the user of a service).
  • Once payment to that address is confirmed, Snowcron sends an e.mail with the purchase information to a customer's e.mail.

Security Details

  • Payments are performed to user provided addresses, therefore, stealing from Snowcron is not possible.

Technical Details

  • A typical code for Snowcron button is plain HTML and can be customized in any text editor:
<a href="
	<img src="" border="0"></a>

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