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* [http://simplecoin.us Simplecoin.us] web site
* [http://simplecoin.us Simplecoin.us] web site
* [https://github.com/neofutur/simplecoin] simplecoin source code on github
* [http://github.com/neofutur/simplecoin github.com] simplecoin source code on github

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Simplecoin is a new mining pool with the goal of simplifying mining while providing tools for the most avid miners. For information about the exchange named similarly, see SimpleCoin.

This pool pays out using a proportional share reward system (your shares / total shares for the round) = % share of the rewards.

The service was first available on June 02, 2011[1].

  • Opensource: Pushpool driven, running on a modified xenland frontend.
  • 0% fee during site development! (100% proportional payout of bonus 50btc)
  • Instant cashout available with positive balance!
  • Long polling for less stale shares
  • Worker monitor for less downtime
  • Current Round Payout estimation
  • JSON account/worker monitoring API

Getting Started

To get started, setup an account at simplecoin.us. You should have a miner auto-created on registration: user=username.1, password=x; login with your favorite miner at simplecoin.us:8337

Reward distribution

  • Proportional: 0% fee.

See Also

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