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PLEASE NOTE: This list is not yet complete, nor completely vetted by the parties listed for accuracy.

No doesn't support
Weak better than nothing at all
Yes it is a workable solution
Prefer it is what he would choose if it was only up to him and no outside influences
Developer BIP 141 BIP 148 BIP 149 BIP 91 Segwit2x COOP
฿tcDrak Prefer Prefer Yes
Andrew Chow Prefer Prefer
Matt Corallo Prefer No Yes
Suhas Daftuar Prefer No
Luke Dashjr Prefer Prefer Weak Yes No Yes
Nicolas Dorier Prefer Yes
Michael Ford Prefer
Mark Friedenbach Prefer Yes
Pavel Janik Prefer
Johnson Lau Prefer
Eric Lombrozo Prefer Prefer
Greg Maxwell Prefer No Yes
Alex Morcos Prefer No
Rusty Russell Prefer Prefer
Jonas Schnelli Prefer
Patrick Strateman Prefer
Jorge Timon Prefer
Peter Todd Prefer Yes
Pieter Wuille Prefer No
Wladimir van der Laan Prefer Yes Yes