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[[image:Ron Gross.jpg]]
This page has moved: http://bio.ripper234.com/
Ron has graduated from the Technion with an M. Sc in Computer Science.
He has worked at several companies, ranging from small startups to Google,
and has an extensive experience in web architecture, security, and algorithms.
Ron has been continuously involved with Bitcoin since March 2011,
spreading the word, knowledge, and love of Bitcoin. He is a firm advocate of
open source, transparency and decentralization of power and technology.
Ron co-founded the Israeli Bitcoin community and foundation and is a board member of the [[Mastercoin Foundation]].
He was a partner in [[Bitcoil]], the first Israeli exchange.
He briefly worked on [[Bitblu]] in the summer of 2013.
As of June 2014 Ron is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Mastercoin project.
You can reach Ron at:
* ron@mastercoin.org
* skype - ripper234
* [https://www.sococo.com/web/join/bg0gjoqu5xv0tvq62pud1mz21 Sococo]
See also read [http://ripper234.com/about the about page on his blog].

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This page has moved: http://bio.ripper234.com/