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* [[Original Bitcoin client]]
* [[Original Bitcoin client]]
* [[:Category:Open_Source|Open source]]
* [[:Category:Open_Source|Open source]]
[[es:Proceso de publicación de versiones]]

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Bitcoin Open Source Release Process

Releases to the Bitcoin.org client project are built and released using this process:

  • Labeled in github
  • Binaries are created for the platforms affected (usually all, Windows, Mac and Linux).
  • Binary file checksum(s) is(are) calculated and a message with those are signed by a core developer.
    • sha256 checksum
  • Files used to build are checksummed and submitted to the Gitian.sigs project on github.
  • Uploaded to sourceforge
  • Blog post on Bitcoin.org
  • Forum post on BitcoinTalk.org

Verifying The Download

To verify the checksum for a binary download, first ensure the checksum file is secure by decrypting the SHA256SUMS.asc file:

$ gpg --decrypt SHA256SUMS.asc

Then verify the file checksum:

$ openssl dgst -sha256 [binary release archive]

Verify that the checksum matches the one in SHA256SUMS.asc

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