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Pyramining is a Bitcoin Mining Farm that lets you borrow hashing power to mine for Bitcoins. You can mine Bitcoins without having to setting up a mining rig. All you have to do is join and send some Bitcoins to start. Once your account is active, miners will keep working for you until you are fully rewarded. A referral system is used to increase total system hashrate and revenues.

How does it work?

Join through a referral link. Active referral links can be found on the Pyramining twitter feed: . Once you have joined, deposit any amount of Bitcoins to the provided address. If you like, you can then invite people to join through your own referrals to increase your rewards.

Is it a pyramid scheme?

Not really. Pyramining is a mining contractor. Rewards come entirely from Bitcoin mining. The referral system is made only to increase your income and to increase hash rate by having more members. Read the F.A.Q. that is linked below for more details.


It starts as soon as the amount is credited. No need to configure hardware or software. Hashing power is cheaper due to volume buying of hardware. Faster rewards than conventional mining. Fun!

External links

Pyramining main site: Pyramining FAQ: Twitter feed with referral links to join: