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A free eWallet service and open API fully integrated with Twitter.

The PikaPay service allows users to send bitcoins from your own Twitter account to any other Twitter account – as well as ask for payments.

Send Bitcoins

Sends bitcoins by signing in with your Twitter ID.

Combines Bitcoin payments with 140-character Tweets sent by Twitter.

Request and Receive Bitcoins

Request bitcoin payments.

Generates discrete digital invoices, special offers or Twitter crowdfunding campaigns.


PikaPay was the world's first Bitcoin-to-Twitter payment service, originally called PayBitBack, which sent its first bitcoins in June 2011.

The service was renamed PikaPay and formally launched during the Bitcoin Foundation's Conference in San Jose on May 19, 2013.

PikaPay.com began operating in December 2012. It announced a vulnerability bounty program, at that time the community's first, on March 18, 2013.

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