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* [[Bitcoin Court]]
* [[Bitcoin Court]]
* [[Bitcoin Police]]
* [[Bitcoin Police]]

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Please note: This is still a draft, and signatures are subject to removal if the signer no longer agrees with the petition text. If the text has changed since someone signed their name, assume the signature's validity to be dubious at best.


"Illegal activity" is defined as infringement of civil or criminal law in the jurisdiction of the person acting. For example, if it is legal to use/abuse marijuana in JurisdictionX, then it is NOT considered to be illegal activity for someone in JurisdictionX. On the other hand, if it is illegal in JurisdictionY, it IS considered illegal activity to anyone under that jurisdiction.


We, the undersigned, are opposed to the use of Bitcoin for any kind of illegal activity. We encourage Bitcoin users to follow the laws in their jurisdiction and pay any applicable taxes.


  • Luke Dashjr, Florida
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Nathan Fish

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