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Namecoin is an alternative distributed Domain Name System (DNS) on the basis of Bitcoin software. It expands the software so that transactions for registering, updating, and transferring domains to serve.
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Like Bitcoin, Namecoin is a peer-to-peer system, which, assuming an honest majority of participants can not be controlled by a single state or a company. Changes to the namespace of the rightful owner of a domain with a public key signature method and distributed to all peer-to-peer users. The inclusion in the block chain , as the eternal logfile is used, the transactions are authentic. The block chain grows whenever new transactions, if any of the participants through a fairly intense proof-of-work process, a matching result of a cryptographic hash function has found what may be verified by all other participants. The falsification of a longer chain block is, due to the computational effort, impractical.
Currently, the top-level domain .bit used in the official domain name system is not awarded. To resolve domain name you need either the current block chain or use a public name server that participates in the Namecoin system. Namecoin uses a separate block of Bitcoin chain. The software is open source and is hosted on GitHub.
==See Also==
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* [[NamecoinUs]]
* [[Cryptocoin]]
==External Links==
* [http://github.com/vinced/namecoin Namecoin Project] on GitHub
* [http://dot-bit.org dot-bit.org] project, focused on the domain registration aspect of Namecoin
* [http://whois.namecoin.us/ Namecoin (.bit) WHOIS Server]
* [http://liliontransfer.org/ Lilion Transfer] Exchange where you may exchange NameCoin to 20 currencies, 70 e-currencies, 20 e-wallets or 3 cryptocurrencies.
* [http://exchange.bitparking.com Bitparking BTC/NMC] Namecoin <=> Bitcoin exchange
* [https://vircurex.com Vircurex] Buy, sell and trade your Namecoins
* [http://www.namecoin.us/tools.php Namecoin Tools]
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