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Lets clear up common Bitcoin misconceptions.

Bitcoin will only enable tax evaders which will lead to the eventual downfall of governments and the poor will become enslaved to the rich

Bitcoins don't solve any problems that fiat and/or gold doesn't solve

The bitcoin is backed by CPU cycles

Bitcoin is not backed by anything. It is a commodity in its own right. Is gold backed by anything? No! It's just gold. Same thing with bitcoin.

The Bitcoin currency is protected when adequate computing power exists.

Bitcoins have no intrinsic value (unlike some other things)

Bitcoins are illegal because it's not legal tender

Bitcoin is a form of domestic terrorism because it only harms the economic stability of the USA and its currency

Bitcoins can be printed/minted by anyone and are therefore worthless

Bitcoins are worthless because it's based on unproven cryptography

Same cryptography as everything else.

Early adopters are unfairly rewarded

21 million coins isn't enough, doesn't scale

Lost coins can't be replaced and this is bad

It's a giant ponzi scheme

Not to be confused with the Bitcoin Randomizer which really is a Ponzi scheme.

Deflationary spiral

As deflationary forces may apply, economic factors such as hoarding are offset by human factors that may lessen the chances that a Deflationary spiral will occur.

Bitcoin community are anarchist/conspiracy theorist/gold standard weenies

Anyone with enough computing power can take over the network

Bitcoin violates some sort of government regulations

Fractional reserve banking is not possible

Point of sale with bitcoins isn't possible because of the 10 minute wait for confirmation

After 21 million coins are mined, no one will run network nodes

When operating costs can't be covered by mining production, which will happen some time before the total amount of BTC is reached, miners are expected to earn profit from transaction fees.

Actually, all 21 million coins will never be fully mined. Before the 21 million mark is reached, an infinite amount of fractions from the final BTC will be generated for nodes.

Actually, a finite amount of fractions will occur before zero BTC is mined per block.

Bitcoin has no built-in chargeback mechanism, and this is bad

Bitcoin is just like all the other virtual currencies, nothing new