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The most widely used bitcoin currency exchange market. Bitcoins are bought on using funds from the trader's MTGUSD balance with Mt. Gox and when bitcoins are the funds from the proceeds are added to the trader's MTGUSD account with Mt. Gox.

Trades on Mt. Gox's execute from balances on deposit with the exchange which in turn makes trading on the market instantaneous, compared to some other Bitcoin markets where a subsequent settlement occurs manually between the trading partners.



A buy order is executed partially or in full when the price bid can be matched against a sell order that is at or below the bid amount.


A sell order is executed partially or in full when the price asked can be matched against a buy order that is at or above the ask amount.

Dark Pool

A dark pool allows large quantities to be sold without the orders being visible. This helps to lessen the price moves that would likely result when the price and size of a large order is known.

Dark Pool Only Orders

Can be filled only by other dark pool orders or a single normal order that is larger than the dark pool order. This means that if there is a single normal order that would fill the dark pool order both will be filled.

Dark Pool + Normal Orders

Can be filled either partially from the normal orders or the dark pool.


Mt. Gox subtracts a 0.65% trading fee from each party of successful trades made through the market. The fee is drawn from the amount received as the result of the trade.

Adding Funds


There are no fees incurred when transferring bitcoins to a Mt. Gox account. Funds are available once confirmed (6 blocks)[1], a process that can take roughly an hour.


There are no fees incurred when adding Liberty Reserve LRUSD funds to an account. Funds are available in minutes.


The exchange can accept transfers made via ACH and Mt. Gox reports this as being the least expensive method for funding an account. Only recently has consumer banking started to provide the ability for an account holder to initiate a payment using ACH to an account other than their own at another financial institution.

Bank wire

The exchange is charged $15 for a U.S. bank wire and $50 for an international bank wire. The exchange requests that you contact them in advance for details.

Withdrawing Funds


Bitcoins may be withdrawn at no charge. MtGox imposes a $1000 USD withdrawal limit per 24 hours. This limit is applied to BTC withdrawals, with the limit in BTC calculated at the time of attempted withdrawal.


There are two fees incurred when withdrawing LRUSD. Mt. Gox themselves subtracts 1% of the transfer amount as a fee before transferring away. Liberty Reserve then subtracts as a transfer fee 1% from the amount they've received.

For example, to withdraw $100 LRUSD, Mt. Gox will send $99 ($100 less a 1% fee)[2] Liberty Reserve will subtract $0.99 ($99 less a 1% fee) leaving a net amount at Liberty Received of $98.01.


An account at this exchange can be considered to be an eWallet. This service also offers eCommerce merchant payment services.


Mt Gox offers a trading API which can be used to automate operations described above. There is also a Perl module for interacting with the API.


The exchange went online on July 18, 2010.[3]

On October 10, 2010 the exchange switched from PayPal to Liberty Reserve as the main funding option as a result of this attack. Former PayPal customers still had the possibility to withdraw their USD using alternative methods.

On March 6th, 2011 ownership of the exchange changed hands[4].

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