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IdeaFeX logo.png
marketplace for tokenized real-world assets
Trading nameIdeaFeX
Native nameIdeaFeX France SAS
Traded asIFX
FoundedJanuary 2018
HeadquartersParis, France
Founder(s)Dr Jiulin Teng
Key peopleDr Jiulin Teng, Alexandre Juncker
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IdeaFeX France SAS is a fintech startup headquartered in Paris, France. Its stated goal is to support the financing and investment of tokenized real-world assets in a marketplace format[1]. In their white paper[2], the team states that combining the network robustness of cryptography and the flexibility of real-world assets can bring improve the access to financing and investment and enhance transparency[3]. IdeaFeX also proposes a new auction format that promises to improve the fairness of valuations for both fundraisers and investors.