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Founded2010 (2010)
HeadquartersNis, Serbia


Let us go back in 2010 when wasn't had a global network access and partners which has today. On 14.January.2010 registered first domain .me and created internet name HostingBuY Me. One year later on 6.February.2011 registered domain .net changed and removed .me from the name, and new global brand name HostingBuY was born.

First year worked as reseller for other company, mid-year in 2011 rent first Dedicated Servers and business have changing and growing. Next years actively worked on respect for clients, was preserving and was growing brand in the global internet market.

On 28.August.2014, the company was founded and opened, with one website, an online global market business directory. Client companies could add their contact details and a short description. The company started to designing custom Cloud hosting and Hybrid Solutions and more modern additional service. Office and headquarters base in Serbia,Nis. The company eventually focused solely on hosting services.

Today HostingBuY is stable and growing company, success based on the philosophy of combining excellent quality product at affordable price points with a first-class network, together with a highly skilled engineering and technical support team.

Business model

HostingBuY provides its customers to prefers all in one where they can obtain a domain name, IP addresses, housing. In the offer can be found diverse solutions, like as Cloud business applications Office 365, Google Apps and many other. Private Online backup R1Soft and custom solutions for private and security storage space like Dropbox

A huge variety of available dedicated and vps servers, which can be choice on rack units, private racks and cage. Monitoring and managing remote administration 24/7/365 on-demand and customer needs. Shared Web hosting, audio and video streaming solutions, domain registration large selection available SSL certificates.

Network and datacenters

The company is authorized partner with one of big global Data centers gives better features and performance. ISO certified data centers at strategic locations across the globe to ensure prime access to the major business areas in Europe, ( Netherlands, Germany,), the United States ( Washington DC, San Francisco, Dallas ) and Asia ( China, Singapore ). Each one is designed to the highest specifications for performance, reliability and security.

Network and datacenters

VPS price comparison. Cheapest plans are shown. Based on list of providers that accept bitcoin payments. BTC prices may fluctuate based on market rate. Check T&Cs for conditions that relate to Tor/Proxy usage before ordering.

Name Price Bandwidth IPv6 RAM Disk Location TOR Notes
HostingBuY 16.74 $ 4 TB Yes 1024MB 40GB (RAID 10) Netherlands, Germany, United States, Singapore TOR is allowed