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An open-source Bitcoin solution written in Go language (golang). It can be built for every platform that has a working Go compiler. It uses a proprietary license, though is free to use for non-commercial purposes.


Gocoin has a several unique features, that distinguish it from the original bitcoin client.


  • All the unspent outputs are kept in memory, so switching between different wallets is very fast.
  • Allows a user to limit the upload and download network bandwidth used by the client.
  • Works with its own implementation of a cold storage wallet.


  • For security reasons, it is supposed to be used with a PC that has never been (and will never be) connected to a network.
  • The wallet is deterministic and a seed-password based, so as long as you remember the password, you do not need to backup it, ever.
  • Additionally you can import private keys for your existing bitcoin wallet.
  • Has very low hardware requirements, so you can run it on i.e. Raspberry Pi


The client node requires 64-bit platform and at least 4GB of system memory. It also requires a file system that can handle files larger than 4GB.


  • No GUI, though the online node has web interface
  • No IPv6
  • No UPnP


Gocoin was written by a single person for a private purposes. The software's first public release was announced in May 2013 on Bitcointalk forum.[1]

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