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expresscoin.com is the fastest, safest and easiest way to buy Bitcoin and other digital currency. Send in money via a bank wire transfer, personal check, USPS money order, or via INTERAC and get Bitcoin. Bring your own wallet, we send it directly to your public address. If you need a wallet, reference our handy Bitcoin Wallet guides to setup a wallet with our wallet partners.

Methods of Payment

Domestic (USA)

  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Personal Checks
  • Cash Desposit via Shared Banking at Credit Unions
  • USPS Money Order

International (CA, EU, RU, AU)

  • International Bank Wire Transfer
  • INTERAC bank transfer

Orders must be paid for within 1 business day

Fees & Rates

expresscoin.com charges a 3% fee to sell Bitcoin and a 3% fee to buy Bitcoin. Our rates may change, please check our website.


  • Bring your own wallet, you keep the private key. See our list of supported wallets: Bitcoin Wallets
  • 256 bit SSL encryption
  • Daily server backups

Customer Service

  • FAQ page
  • E-mail: support@expresscoin.com
  • Twitter: [1]
  • Facebook: [2]

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