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Everstake is a staking service provider for institutional investors and private entities, founded by the Ukrainian blockchain development Attic Lab. Everstake operates in more than 15 proof of share and delegated proof of share blockchains, and provides additional services aside from staking.[1]

PoS Staking

Everstake is running staking nodes for all major DPoS blockchains and collects delegations from its users to form the staking balance and to take part in the consensus process.

In return for delegations, Everstake shares the corresponding amount of rewards with the stakers. All in all, the stakers are collecting yields, which makes participation in the DPoS process in such a way beneficial for them, compared to simply holding the assets.

Plain PoS blockchains and the Masternode PoS-based EtherZero require stake delegation to one's node to take part in the consensus and be eligible for rewards. In other words, users are blocking the stakes to become eligible for transaction verification and block propagation process.

Everstake provides setup PoS staking nodes for these blockchains, which run 24/7 in a compliant data center, instead of users having to upkeep and maintain their own co-located server. To support the node operation, Everstake withholds a 5 to 20% fee, depending on the exact blockchain.


Currently, Everstake is working with the most popular DPoS and PoS blockchains, such as IOST, Cosmos, Waves, Decred, Tezos, IOTEX, IRISnet, QTUM, Algorand, Harmony, EtherZero, and ICON.

The company constantly updates the list with the new, technologically advanced blockchains.

Other Activities

Apart from the primary business, Everstake takes part in the development of new blockchain software, including tools and utilities for blockchains, and dApps. For instance, Everstake has developed a deep analytics dashboard for major popular blockchains, and a Telegram bot, which provides vital statistics of customers’ staking process in real time.[2][3]

The company takes a major part in the blockchains' communities and releases guides and educational materials for newer blockchains that may lack it in the earlier stages.[4][5] Everstake also hosts events, convents and hackathons to promote the blockchain development in the CIS countries.[6]