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These websites have bonus programs that allow you to earn bitcoins by doing things like taking surveys, answering questions, trying apps, viewing advertisements, referring others to the website, and making purchases at other websites. Some of these have many of the same offers (but they give different payouts for participating in those offers).

Offer Programs

  • Free Digital Money Earn bitcoins by participating in sponsored offers. There are approximately 1000 offers available. Some offers are free and some require a purchase. Bitcoins are sent to you immediately after you participate in each offer. No account is needed to participate in offers.
  • iWantFreeBitCoins Earn bitcoins by participating in sponsored offers. There are approximately 700 offers available. Some offers are free and some require a purchase. You receive a currency called BitPoints added to your balance immediately after you participate in each offer. Your BitPoints can be converted to bitcoins when you request a payout, which will be processed the following Wednesday or Sunday. The referral program pays 25% of everything earned by each user you refer. An account is needed to participate in offers.
  • Rugatu Q&A Get bitcoins by answering questions that other members have posted. A great way to do some freelancing job if you have an area of expertise and help support the bitcoin community. Sometimes higher value bounties are posted for programmers or media artists. You can login with your existing google, facebook, yahoo or openid account.
  • Bitvisitor Earn bitcoins by visiting participating websites. Enter a bitcoin address to start visiting websites. No signup required. Each visit must last 5 minutes and requires entering a captcha. Payment is sent immediately after each visit. Website owners bid on how much they will pay for each visit.
  • EarnFreeBitcoins Similar to Bitvisitor, you earn bitcoins for visiting websites. No signup, but you must visit each website for the specified period of time, and also enter a captcha in order to receive payment. Payments are queued to reduce transaction fees.
  • BitcoinGet Earn bitcoins for watching videos, completing tasks, and completing offers. No signup required. Just enter your Bitcoin address to start earning. No minimum payout. Payments are made daily to reduce transaction fees.
  • BitBucks Earn bitcoins by filling out surveys and participating in promotional offers. Roughly 2000+ offers available worldwide: most are free but some require minor deposits (however the bitcoin-payout is usually comparatively larger than the deposit). Some offers require Facebook authentication [no personal information is collected]. The referral system pays 10% commissions on all earnings made by users who use your referral-link. No account is needed and you can earn bitcoins from any computer, phone or tablet.
  • The BFG Program Link to swfchan.com and earn bitcoins. BFG stands for "Bitcoins For Gets". The site is a flash archive and when someone watches or downloads a flash they make a "get". Each new IP that you bring to the site and that makes a get adds points into your account, which will be converted to bitcoins upon withdrawal.
  • TryBTC Features interactive tutorials in which users are given a small amount of Bitcoin to send to charitable causes and share with friends. In the process they are taught about concepts such as wallets, addresses, transactions, and the Bitcoin Blockchain. You get to keep up to 5 cents in BTC at the end.

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Affiliate Programs

  • Bitcoin.de Every new user currently gets 0.01 Bitcoins for free. Affiliate program – users get Bitcoins for advising bitcoin.de to other users.
  • Bitcoinera.net Bitcoin investments. Earn bitcoins by referring new investors to Bitcoinera.net, earn 2% monthly of the money your referrals deposit (1% and 0.5% for 2nd and 3rd tier referrals)
  • BitMillions - Bitcoin Lottery Earn bitcoins by sharing your custom affiliate betting address. Earn 20% of house fees for life. Our affiliate program uses a 60 days cookie. Affiliate earnings will be paid btw 1 and 5 blocks, expect real time winnings! Earning are sent without deducting any transaction fee! Banners provided for affiliates. More info at https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=155027.0
  • RoyalBitcoin Earn bitcoins by sharing your custom affiliate betting address. Affiliates earn 1% of the total volume of bets that are placed through their addresses. Payments are made daily in BTC. No minimums or maximums, 1% is paid regardless of whether players have won or lost.
  • Satoshi36 Bitcoin lottery Get bitcoins by referring new people to Satoshi36. Enter your bitcoin adress to generate the unique url. You will get 50% of lottery profit from every winning player, who visits the site via your url.
  • SatoshiBet Bitcoin Casino Earn bitcoins by referring new people to SatoshiBet, introduce a new player and earn 25% of house edge of all bets made, forever! There is no limit to how much you can earn.
  • StrikeSapphire Casino StrikeSapphire offers professional affiliates up to 35% revenue shares. Affiliates are paid through their StrikeSapphire casino account. The program is only available outside the US. Affiliates are approved individually. To qualify, prospective affiliates must email help (at) StrikeSapphire.com.

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