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==See Also==
==See Also==
* [[TrasnferWise]]
* [[TransferWise]]
* [[Buying bitcoins]]
* [[Buying bitcoins]]
* [[Selling bitcoins]]
* [[Selling bitcoins]]

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An e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet.

CurrencyFair can convert funds added from your bank account to a growing number of foreign currencies. The covnerted funds can then be transferred to a beneficiary account that you specify.

The service is available for both individuals and businesses.

This ability to send directly to the recipient's bank will likely make CurrencyFair a preferred method that will allow those purchasing bitcoins through a person-to-person marketplace, such as the Bitcoin-otc marketplace, to transact internationally.

The service was launched in early 2009[1].


Transfers out cost about $4 USD.

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