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Craig Wright is a fraudster who claims to be the creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto. There has been no concrete evidence presented in favour of Wright's claim. There is overwhelming evidence against his claim, yet Wright was able to get lots of media coverage by sympathetic journalists with a limited understanding of technology after write tricked or bribed a couple Bitcoin figureheads such as Gavin Andresen to back his claims without themselves having access to any supporting evidence. The bitcoin community has a duty to explain our technology, we can't expect everyone to understand cryptographic proof, hence this page can be a useful list of resources.

Evidence against Craig Wright being Satoshi

  • Wright's claimed PGP key was provably backdated. [1][2]
  • He was paid millions of dollars by nTrust to 'reveal' himself as Satoshi (this is for those who think he lacked motive)[3]
  • Claimed signature proving him to be Satoshi was worthless. [4]
  • Second claimed "signature" was also an obvious forgery. [5]
  • Faked blog posts showing his early involvement in bitcoin. [6]
  • Craig Wright is apparently using his fame to run an advance-fee scam.[7]
  • Incorrectly calling it "Bit Coin" several times in 2011. [8]
  • Gross technical incompetence. [9][10][11]
  • No evidence of any C++ proficiency.
  • Plagiarizism[12]
  • If Craig Wright really was the creator of Bitcoin, the proof would be trivial. We see an example by Charlie Lee the creator of Litecoin[13]

Wright sometimes explains away his apparent technical incompetence by suggesting that the actual development of Bitcoin was performed by a deceased acquaintance, David Kleinman. Kleinman worked as a systems administrator and IT security consultant for law enforcement and it does not appear to have any particular programming expertise, similar to Wright. Wright's unsubstantiated claims are the only known source suggesting Kleinman has any connection to the creation of Bitcoin. As a result, arguments that Wright was in some way "involved" with the creation of Bitcoin due to his relationship with Kleinman are circular.

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