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Colorcore is an open source colored coin wallet compatible the Open Assets protocol and Coinprism.

Colored Coins



  • Issue you own coins

Anybody can issue their own coins. It only takes a single Bitcoin transaction. The only fee you have to pay is the Bitcoin transaction fee (which can be zero), which makes Colorcore much more efficient than alternatives like XCP (about $20 to issue an asset). Also, you don't need to buy any intermediary coin (like XCP) since colored coins work directly on top of Bitcoin.

  • Send and receive assets

Use your address to receive assets from other people. You can also send assets, again for the price of a standard Bitcoin transaction.

  • Manage crowdfunding campaigns

Finally a way to manage a truly decentralized crowdfuding campaign. You don't have to trust a complex and limited exchange protocol, the "distribute" feature creates standard Bitcoin transactions. There is no magic behind it.


  • Coinprism launches Colorcore, an open source colored coin wallet compatible with open assets and Coinprism: September 2nd 2014 [1]

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