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A hosted (shared) web-based EWallet used for sending, receiving and storing bitcoins.

The service aims to be the easiest way to get started with Bitcoin. Its service is modeled to provide an experience familar to those who are comfortable using PayPal.


Send Money

This feature provides the ability to send bitcoins to an e-mail address or to a bitcoin address. The amount can be entered in USDs however that current market exchange rate is applied to that amount to determine the number of bitcoins to send.

Receive Money

This feature provides the ability to request funds (denominated in either USDs or BTCs) in which an invoice will be sent by e-mail.


There are no fees for sending or receiving bitcoins.


The service was announced on June 29, 2012[1]. The organization is funded by Y! Combinator. The service has plans to offer a wallet denominated in USDs as well, and to offer fixed-rate exchange so that bitcoins can be bought and sold.

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